#ukfechat #1 A teacher educator’s perspective

This really was “World Class CPD” (thank you @JayDerrickIOE). #UKFEchat’s inaugural conference struck the perfect balance of inspirational talks by FE luminaries of the present and inspirational discussions with the FE luminaries of the future.

I’ve come away with a nice long “to-do list” (bit prosaic, that should probably be “action plan”?) below:

My own professional development: 

  • Join the ETF SET (might be eligible for the concessionary rate – hurrah!)
  • Join the Womens Leadership Network, thanks to @SallyDicketts
  • Become a college governor at the next opportunity
  • Find a mentor and follow up those leadership leads, thanks to @gillersn for that one.
  • Enrol on another coaching course and talk to @JoanneMiles2 about how other colleges have launched coaching programmes for staff development.
  • Update my blog (nailed that one already) as promised to @Patricemiller

My own teaching practice: 

  • Follow up Timperley’s research into observations, thanks to @GeoffreyPetty
  • Share @Paulw_learn’s Youtube video for teacher ed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0y6rAhNlWQ&feature=youtu.be
  • Add Blackbox thinking to my Amazon wishlist thanks to @bobharrisonset (I think it was you Bob!)
  • Model new English and maths ideas with L3 English and teacher ed students, e.g. putting up graph for sts to interpret, spelling test, setting specific English and maths targets during eg. practical sessions, thanks as ever to @FurtherEdagogy
  • Liaise with learning resources/IT team re FELTAG and developing Moodle from being just a repository into something much more interactive, thanks to @Bex83
  • Emulate the confidence, humour and passion of all the presenters I saw, as well as @MrsSarahSimons herself.
  • Explore Hootsuite as a way of managing Twitter, thanks to @Hilarynunns
  • Be friendly, forge links and keep them strong, thanks to @JayDerrickIOE, @treezyoung, @clyn40, @maria2402 @ticktockclocks and any others I’ve forgotten
  • and of course, keep Twittering away on a Thursday night…

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