Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, FE

I’ve found it particularly difficult settling back in to work this term. You’d think after 14 years or so in FE I’d have got used to the usual “teething problems” associated with the beginning of the academic year, but it seems not. I’ve reflected on why this might be, discussed it with colleagues and have come up with a number of theories, but I’m getting bored with wallowing or dwelling further on these. I’ve been inspired both by Facebook memes and a fellow tweeter, to come up with a (micro-) blogging solution in the form of a weekly compilation of reasons to be cheerful. These will be shared on Twitter and may take the form of thank yous, reflections or other positive posts. Can I manage one per day? Let’s see. Ok number 1 is – my new Spin the wheel plenary resource. Lovingly created for me by our fabulous print services team. About to have its first test run with some CET trainees. Wish me luck!

Spin the wheel